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Every component of a United States Seamless Steel Shingle roof — top quality steel, coatings, and accessories — is manufactured in the United States. United States Seamless Steel Shingles protect your home with beauty and style while keeping America's economy working strong!

United States Seamless® Steel Shingle Roofing

A home's roof can detract from the hard work poured into making a house a haven. Asphalt, composition, and wood shingles begin to wear and fail as soon as they are installed. Black streaks, missing granules, moss, and curling corners take away from the home's beauty and are signs of a weakening roof.

United States Seamless Steel Shingle's unique paint system, colors, and design will preserve, protect, and add to the beauty of any home for a lifetime.

Steel Shake Roofing

Surpassing The Standards

United States Seamless has passed the following tests for strength and protection.

  • UL 1897 Wind Uplift——United States Seamless' unique fastener system can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour.
  • UL 489 Wind Driven Rain—In the most intense rain storms of up to 110 miles per hour, United States Seamless' fastener and interlocking system keeps rain away from the vulnerable decking keeping the home dry and free from leaks.
  • UL 790 Fire Resistance—United States Seamless Steel Shingles protects homes from wind blown embers that cause most home fires in fire prone areas of the country.

All-Around Efficiency

Temporary roofing materials act like a sponge and soak up the intense summer sun into the attic and living space of your home. That heat breaks down the roof, overworks air conditioners, and drives up energy bills.

United States Seamless Shingle's Kynar 500® paint system reflects that intense energy, keeping living spaces cooler, air conditioners more efficient, and utility bills low. Homeowners save money and energy with United States Seamless.

Superior Warranty

Unlike most temporary roofing pro rated warranties, the United States Seamless Steel Shingle Lifetime Limited non-prorated warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners for up to 40 years from installation and includes a 30-year fade and chalk warranty.

A Low Weight Solution

Temporary roofing can add significant weight to the internal structure of your home, causing it to sag and shift over time. United States Seamless Steel Shingles weigh far less than the lightest asphalt shingles, yet add the strength of steel for a lifetime of beauty and protection.