There is a worry-free solution that will protect and add beauty to your home for a lifetime. A United States Seamless steel roof protects and preserves your home so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy.

Beauty and Technology

United States Seamless's deep grooves give the appearance of hand-split wood shake in a wide array of vibrant color options that will enhance the splendor of any home. Using Kynar 500® coatings, United States Seamless forms a tight molecular bond to seal in color while keeping sun and weather out. United States Seamless will look beautiful for decades.

United States Seamless shakes come in traditional colors as well as variegated colors featuring the advanced thermobond technology. These textured panels are made from two layers of Kynar 500® that are heat sealed together for added strength and efficiency. The result is a distinct and unique palette of colors unmatched in the industry.

Steel Shake Roofing
Made from specially coated G90 Galvanized Steel,
United States Seamless Roofs are:

  • Impact Resistant—United States Seamless won't crack or penetrate against the most severe hail.
  • Fire Resistant—United States Seamless will not burn and will protect your home from wind blown burning embers.
  • Wind Resistant—United States Seamless' four way, concealed interlocking system keeps your roof covered in winds of up to 120 mph.

Saving Energy...Saving Money

Other roofing materials absorb the sun's intense energy into the living area causing higher interior temperatures, overworked air conditioners, and soaring energy bills.

United States Seamless will reduce energy use, thereby putting more money into your pocketbook. Its coatings and unique design reflect away the sun's energy and create an air space between the shingles and roof decking. As a result, United States Seamless homeowners enjoy a cooler home and energy savings of up to 20% in the summer. United States Seamless roofing is also made from 30% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint of your home and conserving precious natural resources.

Warranted For a Lifetime

No one protects homes like United States Seamless steel shakes. That's why we confidently back every roof we produce with the industry's strongest lifetime limited warranty. Our non-prorated warranty covers the cost of materials and labor. If you sell your home, we give subsequent homeowners the same protection for up to 40 years from when the roof was installed. No other roofing manufacturer provides this level of comprehensive coverage.

American Made

Every component of a United States Seamless steel roof is made in the United States. We work diligently with our suppliers to bring the best materials and newest technology to our roofs. United States Seamless' high-quality steel, paint system, fasteners, and accessories are 100% Made in America.

No other roof offers the same protection, savings, and lasting beauty as a United States Seamless steel roof. Invest in your home today with a worry-free roof that provides peace of mind for the future.

Product Specifications

Panel Exposure:48" x 12"
Panels Per Square: 25
Weight Per Square: 100 lbs.
Product Material: G90 Galvanized Steel with ThermoBond Textured Kynar 500® Finish
Available Colors: Colors: Mustang Brown, Shake Gray, Mission Red
Variegate Colors: Beech, Mahogany, Maple, Spruce, Terra Cotta,
Fastening Detail: Deeply-Formed, 4-way interlocking panels with concealed nail fastner.